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 Jim Hauenstein Learn More ►
“You can look at Dr. Barthelow as the Picasso of Cataract Surgery”

Originally from North Tonawanda, New York, Jim Hauenstein moved to California in the late 1960s after completing his contract with the US Army and a stint at Eastman Kodak. Tired of brutal East Coast winters, he moved in with his uncle in Fullerton, California and his cousin arranged an interview at McDonnell Douglas’ IT department. Jim was hired at McDonnell Douglas and within a few short years, he earned a manager position overseeing one of their top software processing systems.
 Monty Niles Learn More ►
“It was so easy, really, the easiest thing I’ve ever done.”

There are a number of things that get better with age, but eyesight is rarely considered one of them. For Monty Niles, turning 80 brought a fair number of changes to his life; surprisingly, having 20/20 vision was one of them. Thanks to the team at North Valley Eye Care, Monty’s vision is back to that of his youth, and he could not imagine a better way to take on a new decade.
 Patricia Vasquez Learn More ►
“Dr. Barthelow makes you feel relaxed and like your health truly matters to him.”

Born in Berkeley, California, Patricia Vazquez grew up with a natural proclivity for language. Raised by her grandmother to believe that each person’s purpose on Earth was to help others, she used her talent from an early age to help break down barriers in communication for those around her. By the time she graduated high school at 16, she was already fluent in a number of Latino-based languages; as she puts it, “I just listened and happened to pick them up.” She decided to enter the beauty industry at the age of 18, where she knew she could openly converse with clients while helping them fall in love with themselves all over again.

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